Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Nothing that's going on right now is terribly blog-worthy.  We're potty training Claire.  Yuck.  And we're having trouble with the kitchen sink which I could bore you with, but the point is that we need to call a plumber in the morning and I have dirty dishes everywhere.

Blah blah blah.

I was going to do that volunteer thing, but then I found out that they take walk-ins...  from psychotic people... and I would be there overnight... by myself...  Um...  No.

BJ was very cool about it.  "I'm not going to tell you 'no,'" he said, because he's not the kind of husband who tells his wife she can't do things.  But when I ran it by a few friends and they looked at me like I was insane for even considering it?  Yeah.  I quit.

There are much safer volunteer opportunities out there.  Or maybe I'll just get my nails done, or have another baby or something...

In education news, Mary Grace has Wacky Wednesday tomorrow at school (they're learning W and can dress up in wacky ways).  She's going to go as Glinda the good Witch, with a Wand.  Of course.  Claire wants to go to school as "Doorfee" but her class isn't doing W, or D for that matter.

I'll probably let her, anyway.

And around the rest of the family, we had dinner with Grandpa Bob today, lunch with Grandpa Ben and Grandma Nancy yesterday, and lunch with Chuck on Sunday.  Lots of company, which has been fun.  My nephew, Alex, who is four months old was briefly hospitalized for RSV, but he's home now and doing better. 

When your blog posts start sounding more like Christmas newsletters, it's time to just go to bed already.  I hope you're having a blog-worthy week!

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RobMonroe said...

I have been blogging TOO much this week, I think. I also realized last night that I need to post something completely silly, so look for that soon. :o)

Best of luck with the Potty Training - it took us way too long in my opinion. We ran out of diapers during the blizzard so Abby was forced into it! Not saying it works for everyone, but did for us after months of mild-to-strong suggestion.