Monday, February 22, 2010

Moments To Remember

BJ and Mary Grace are sitting at the kitchen table playing with her LEGO Mindstorms.  Claire and I are sitting at the table too, but doing our own thing.  Mary Grace stops, hugs her Daddy and says, "Thank you Daddy.  I really love doing this with you."

And Mommy cries.

These are the moments that I want to remember.  This is why I'll continue to write.  Your kind comments really helped, so thank you.  I appreciate the time that all of you spend here, encouraging me and laughing with us as we parent these two amazing kids.

My mom suggested in the comments (or was it on Facebook?) that I tell you the potty training story from the other day.  I always hesitate to share potty training stories, because they're inevitably a little gross.  This one isn't too bad, mostly funny.  It's important to know that our bathrooms are on top of each other in our two story house, and you can hear what's going on in the other one through the vent.

So Claire was having a hard time pooping on the potty, as you might know if we're Facebook friends.  She went through a brief phase where she'd go for Mary Grace and she'd go for Daddy, but not for me.  Well, the other day I got tired of waiting, so I sent MG in to help Claire.  I thought she'd read her the potty book that she has memorized, but instead I heard them talk for a few minutes, and then saw MG go up the stairs.  "What in the world...?" I thought.  Then I heard Mary Grace yell downstairs, "Claire!  I'm going poop right now!  Are you going poop too?"  And Claire yells back, "Yeah Mary Grace!  I pooping too!" and they proceeded to poop together. 

I was cracking up!

Only a big sister would think of that, and it would only work on a little sister.  Let's hear it for peer pressure!

Speaking of sisters, I realized the other day that I hadn't taken the girls to Grammaland in eons, so today we ran up for the day and went out for dinner with Uncle Trey and Mimi, and then Mimi, the girlies and I went sledding at the sledding hill where we used to always go when we were kids (Forest Park, for locals).  It was so much fun!  It was right around 32 degrees, maybe a little warmer, so it was slushy at the bottom and Mimi and I both soaked our jeans.  The girlies were so brave.  And according to, I burned 300 calories! 

Life is good.


RobMonroe said...

Life is good indeed! We're struggling with the poop thing, too. I will spare you last nights story because I still want to be friends, and that story might call that into question.

I did do a blog post yesterday with fun potty training stories from our house, if you want to have a good laugh!

mwiesjahn said...

What a great day yesterday! Let's go sledding again soon!
And thanks again for lunch!! It was fantastic!

Erin said...

that was an awesome story about the girls!!! behold my future?? :D