Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bad Blogger, No Cookie

Where have I been?

If you look at my color-coded Google Calendar for the past few weeks, it's like someone dumped a bag of Skittles all over the screen.  I can barely see what's going on, there's so much going on.  Doctor's appointments, playdates, experiments at the Baby Labs at the university, soccer practices and games, school functions, work meetings, birthday parties...  It's been mostly fun, but a little bit ridiculous with all the busy.  And in spite of all that, I find myself with not a whole lot to write about.  It's just been... life.  Life with three small kids and a business and a huge extended family.  Busy.  The mountains of laundry have begun to eclipse the sun.

Throughout all of this, the weather has been schizophrenic - 70 and sunny one day, 35 and rainy the next - which has led my sinuses to say, "Oh HELL no."  I feel miserable.  It settled in my chest overnight.  I sound like Kathleen Turner.

But I know I'm lucky that it's just a sinus infection.  There are much worse things to have to deal with. 

The kids are healthy.  I have antibiotics so I'll be fine in a few days. 

We're headed to Florida next week for the Shuttle launch and to visit family.  BJ and the girls are driving, Jack and I are flying - splitting the difference between dealing with a 4 month old in the car for 32+ hours and the expense of air travel and car rental.  It made sense at the time.  We'll see how it all ends up.

I turned 35. 

I'm teaching Jack sign language.  More.  Please.  Thank you.  I love it that 2/3 of his first communicable words will be manners, just like the girls.  I think that says something profound about my parenting.

He's trying to crawl already.  I need to tie his feet together.

Mary Grace and Claire had excellent parent teacher conference reports. 

I survived the audit at work, and it wasn't so bad. 

The end of the long fiscal nightmare is in sight. 

The girls are finally old enough that they can come to the office and I can still get work done. 

We're trying to figure out our childcare plan for the summer. 

We're getting a tax refund for the first time in a decade. 

I can't believe it's almost summer. 

35 sounds old.  Where do the years go? 

Jack's laugh lights up the world, but he makes you work for it.  He doesn't just laugh easily, but he smiles all the time. 

The girls are singing in the other room. 

Happy kids sing.

I'm singing too. 

It's all right.




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RobMonroe said...

We are doing the same split for a trip in June to Wyoming. Baby and mama get to fly, the rest of their family (and ours) are driving. We shall see, we shall see...
Happy Easter!