Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yesterday's soccer game was cold, wet, and rainy. BJ and Grandpa Bob took Mary Grace while I stayed home with the little ones. But we had amazing weather and a wonderful turn out today! Uncle Brandon brought Lucy and Jane, and Grandma Susan came down from Grammaland, and Grandpa Bob came again, and BJ, Claire, Jack, and I were there. All that support had an unfortunate side effect - Mary Grace was as likely to be smiling and waving at the sidelines as she was to be looking at the ball. At one point she gave us a double peace sign like Richard Nixon. I wish I'd gotten a picture of that!
Jack actually fell asleep for a while at the game. I'm looking forward to that reflex where they hold their breath when you blow on their face going away (within the next month or so). It makes it uncomfortable for him to be out in the wind.
"I... can't... breathe!"
Claire needs a little improvement as a cheerleader. I got her a pair of orange pom poms to match Mary Grace's team's shirts. She mostly likes to pick the individual strands of pom out of them.

It used to be twice that size.

All of this activity isn't doing anything for improving the girls' sleep. It's 9:30 and they're still upstairs yakking.

She's the tall one with the ponytail.
It was so cool for Mary Grace to have so much support on her first weekend of soccer!  What fun!

I feel like we've done nothing but eat and play soccer this weekend.  BJ decided that he wanted to make beignets this morning.  We started the dough last night, then put it in the fridge after it had risen.  We tried frying them in a pan on the stove this morning, but the oil got way too hot and they were burnt on the outside and raw in the center, so he ran out to Walmart to get a Fry Daddy. 

It probably would have been cheaper and healthier, in the long run, if he'd just picked up a dozen donuts instead.  I keep thinking of things I can fry.  It's a new toy!  The pamphlet that came with it had a recipe for quesadillas that I'm dying to try.  As if quesadillas aren't bad enough with all that cheese - let's deep fry them!  I told him before he left that it was kind of a foolish purchase for two people who had been dieting for a year and a half, but he was determined.

The beignets were awesome.

Next weekend I think we're going to try jelly donuts.  I remember my Grandma Betty making donuts once when we spent the weekend at her house when I was a kid, and I thought it was magical.  They can't be that much worse than pancakes, right?


RobMonroe said...

Glad there was lots of support at soccer - how fun!

We deep-fried pickles two summers ago at the wife's family reunion in Iowa. There was leftover beer-batter after doing six onions worth of onion rings. :)

Heidi said...

Of course jelly doughnuts aren't worse than pancakes.

If you deep fry your pancakes, that is. ;)

Don't worry - the novelty of the new toy will wear off and it'll be relegated to the garage before you know it.

Bev said...

I still miss having a Fry Daddy, even though it's been 25 years. Rich HATES the smell of hot grease so I gave it up when we got married. Maybe it's time...teehee