Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tooth Fairies

Mary Grace just lost another tooth, and it reminded me of something I've been meaning to tell you all.

We give her a dollar coin every time she loses a tooth, but some kids get $20s (I'm guessing these are the parents who stop at the ATM on the way home from work!) and others get toys.  She noticed the disparity, and do you know what I told her?  I said that every family has their own Tooth Fairy - just like every neighborhood has their own mail carrier - and some Tooth Fairies are more liberal than others. 

I might have also mumbled something about how those other kids may or may not be able to go to college after their parents have spent all their money buying baby teeth...  but she didn't hear that part.  Heh heh!

So if you have a stingy Tooth Fairy like we do, feel free to explain it thusly when your kids notice.


Heidi said...

Excellent idea! We give those gold dollar coins too. Our son thinks it's great and keeps them with the $2 bills his grandpa sends every holiday. We're going to have great fun at a store someday, paying for toys with currency cashiers rarely see.

Mimi said...

I definitely agree that the $1 "gold" coin is the way to go. I cannot believe that parents give $20!! But I also remember being jealous of the amount of presents that other kids received at Christmas. It just goes to show that you can't always get what you want and life is not equal. Good job teaching that up front and not succombing to the madness of the Tooth Fairy.

RobMonroe said...

Ha! I have not heard about anything more than $5 a piece, but we are not yet of the Tooth Fairy age. We are still debating that whole thing, but have several years to go.

My Brother-in-Law decided that they were doing $2 bills. Great when they anticipated the first tooth. Kind of an issue with the second which happened MUCH faster. They have since gotten a set of a bunch of them to keep around!