Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mission Accomplished

I'm feeling a lot more confident about our impending trip to Florida.  Yesterday BJ had tickets for a lecture, and I knew he wouldn't be home until midnight, so I packed the girlies and Jack in the van and we headed for Grammaland.

First we went to Uncle Stu and Aunt Kathryn's, where Jack had the most epic diaper ever.  It was so bad that we put him in the shower with Uncle Stu to hose him off (Uncle Stu had been working out when we arrived, so he was getting ready for the day).  Fortunately Jack loves the shower which is funny, because the girlies always acted like we were waterboarding them when we tried to shower with them.  Jack, on the other hand, hates the bath.  Can't say that I blame him.  It looks cold.  I hate to admit this, but the outfit he had on when the hazmat event occurred was so gross by the time I got home that I just pitched it!  It was almost too small, anyway, and it just didn't seem sensible to try to deal with the stain.  He has more than enough clothes.  I guess I am not frugal.

Speaking of not frugal, the girls decided what they want for Christmas:

I know how to iPad, Mommy.

If Kelly and Ian are my first cousins, are they my kids' second cousins, or are they first cousins once removed?  Genealogy is both confusing and difficult to spell (it should have an o before the l, shouldn't it?  Isn't the suffix "ology," not just "logy"?)  (Wikipedia is confusing, but I think they're first cousins once removed).  I got some cute pictures.  This is the longest I've ever seen Ian hold still:

Kathryn says, "Just you wait!"

We all went to Red Robin for lunch

 ...then we went to Uncle Stu's museum.

How cool is that?  Clyde McMillan was my Papa - my mother's father.  I've always been so proud of my family.  My favorite part of the museum was the mural by the stairs (not shown in the video) where there's a painting of my Uncle Stu looking out a window, and a painting of my Papa as a young man, headed toward the pole (and yes, you can slide down the pole).  Somehow I didn't get a picture of it.  This one is from the artist's website.

The kids had a fun time posing for pictures on the fire truck:

Hang on, Claire!  I'll drive!
These are my grandparents.  This picture makes me wonder if there will ever be portraits of us in our company's corporate headquarters someday.  And it makes me wonder if my grandparents knew what they were starting when they were my age. Probably not!

After the museum we visited Mimi at work, then we went to Grandma Susan's house for a visit.  The girls had a great time playing with the toys there.  I had to put the crayons from the new box of 64 in spectral order, which Grandma Susan thought was very weird.  It wasn't long before the girlies dumped out the box of crayons and messed up the order.  I tried not to get mad.

Uncle Chuck came over when he got done teaching, and we hung out for a while. 

Then I took the girls to visit Grandma Denna at work before we headed back home.  All three kids fell asleep in the car on the way home, which was nothing short of a miracle.

I was so tired that I went to bed as soon as I got the kids settled for the night.

I hope you had a fun April Fools Day too! 

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RobMonroe said...

Abby destroyed a wonderful, white dress when she was six weeks old and we were posing for full-on family portraits after a family reunion. We trashed it on the spot, and apologized to the photography joint owner for how awful his trash would smell!

Glad all is well. :)