Monday, April 11, 2011

Today I...

Got up.
Fed the baby.
Changed his diaper.
Chose an outfit for Jack
...and dressed him.
Chose outfits for the girls.
Got the girls dressed.
Drank coffee.
Ate breakfast.
Checked e-mail.
Checked newsreader.
Checked Facebook.
Nursed baby to sleep.
Brushed teeth.
Put on make up.
Fixed my hair.
Fixed the girls' hair.
Cleaned the kitchen.
Moved the laundry.
Stripped the bed.
Washed the sheets.
Sent MG up to strip the girls' beds.
Moved some piles of clutter around.
Moved the laundry.
Went to work (left the kids here with Grandmother Diana).
Left messages for Mom and Megan about random things.
Checked work email.
Checked the mail.
Sorted the mail.
Paid bills.
Reconciled 6-1/2 bank accounts.
Found a problem.
Emailed the government about the problem.
Found another problem.
Emailed my accountant about that problem.
Entered debits.
Filed receipts.
Paid bills.
Ordered office supplies.
Ran home to pick up Jack.
Nursed Jack.
Stopped at the post office to file the state taxes for the business.
Stopped at the bank to drop off credit card payments.
Got lunch with BJ and Jack.
Stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a thermometer and tylenol for the bag because Jack felt hot.
Returned to the office.
Checked work e-mail.
Ordered materials for BJ.
Talked to three friends who also work in our office.
Unsuccessfully sent a fax twice.
Nursed Jack.
Changed a dirty diaper.
Scanned a fax and emailed it to business partner.
Ordered more stuff for BJ.
Responded to requests for information from our auditor.
Left the office.
Called my father in law on the way home to check in.
Came home.
Nursed Jack.
Put away a little laundry.
Put a couple dishes in the dishwasher, washed a few others.
Visited with my mother in law and gushed over all the cleaning she and the girls did.
Babysat the neighbor's daughter.
Laughed when the other neighbor's little girl let herself into our house to play with Max.
Nursed Jack.
Researched the answer to and sent another work email to the auditor.
Changed diaper.
Made dinner (spaghetti, meat sauce, garlic bread).
Ate dinner.
Played with Jack.
Nursed Jack.
Held Jack while he slept while BJ started the girls' bath.
Finished the girls' bath while BJ held Jack.
Got the girls dressed for bed.
Helped them clean their room and put their clean sheets on their beds.
Read two stories.
Completely forgot to have the girls brush their teeth.
Kissed them goodnight.
Came downstairs.
Made tea.
Nursed Jack.
Gave Jack Tylenol.
Checked email.
Checked newsreader.
Checked Facebook.
Made brownies.
Read 2 IRS publications.
Nursed Jack.
Blogged. the next time you see me and I have dark circles under my eyes, you'll know why.  This was a pretty typical day.  I'm beat.


mwiesjahn said...

I have no words for this....except call me if you get a minute. Wow, I think that I'm busy!

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