Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tis Only a Flesh Wound

So it turns out that the kid with the newly-loosened tooth was jumping off of a piece of playground equipment when he landed on MG with his face. That makes a lot more sense - she's a head taller than every kid in her class. I couldn't figure out how one of them had gotten her above the ear with his teeth.

Happy Meals and Tylenol have been administered. I gave her a bath to get the last of the blood out of her hair. She and Claire are watching movies and I'm trying to get Jack to take a nap of reasonable duration.

The kid's all right. Still waiting to hear if the doc wants her on antibiotics. I'll bet all the blood washed it out pretty well, though.

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Rob Monroe said...

Hooray for McD's - it heals even the worst of wounds. Glad she's okay. :)