Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tomorrow's Appointment

Well, tomorrow morning Grandpa Bob and I are taking Jack for his barium esophagram.  I'm trying not to worry too much about it, even though we couldn't give him his Zantac tonight before bed, and even though he can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight.  We'll get through it.  I'm prepared for this to be a very long night, though.

What really sucks is that BJ was up all night (literally) the last two nights, working, so if Jack wakes up in the night, I'm going to have to get up with him.  If I get up with him, he's going to want to nurse, but I'm not allowed to nurse him, and he's not going to understand that.  I can't give him a bottle, instead, which he'll sometimes accept, either.  Nothing.  

If it gets unbearable, I'm going to take him for a ride in the car.  It's probably a good idea to stay off the roads in Indiana tonight.

I'm also afraid that the test is going to show that he doesn't have reflux.  He has been quite a bit better the last couple of days (of course, of course) and after all this fighting with the doctor, it'll be really embarrassing if the test comes back negative.  Of course it would be better for everyone if he's healthy - if it's all behavioral and not physical, if he doesn't need the medicine anymore.  That would be good.  I'll just have to focus on that and not on being embarrassed, I guess, even though it'll sting if I've been wrong all this time.

Oh well, it's too late now.  Hopefully we'll have results back tomorrow afternoon.

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