Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Business Trip

BJ is out of town on business again (he has been traveling a lot this year).  The first day he was there, the client was hinting around that they were going to keep him longer than we had anticipated.  Thankfully, their testing went well today and everything worked, and he should be home tomorrow on schedule.

I get by with a little help from my friends.  We went over to Monica and Craig's for the afternoon and evening.  Craig is a teacher so he's home all summer.  I have to admit, I'm jealous, even though BJ wouldn't know what to do with himself with three months off.  (Craig keeps busy writing books.  He said that he'd kill me in a future book if I finished reading the one I quit reading because it was too scary.  I'm going to wait until BJ gets home to give it another try!)

A couple of nights before BJ left I decided that we ought to try letting Penny sleep in our room.  Max always did, and I miss having a dog in the room (and loose in the house, as opposed to in her crate) when he's gone.  She still eats toys, but she doesn't have accidents anymore.  I thought I could use the gate to keep her in our room, away from the toys.

At first, she refused to sleep on the floor.  Ok, fine, I'll compromise.  Dog is at the foot of the bed.  "No, not at the head of the bed, Penny, the foot.  Down Penny.  Penny.  Down.  Down.  Penny.  Down THERE.  Dammit, Penny..."

After pushing her back to the foot of the bed, only to have her creep back up again six times, I gave up.  I reached up and turned off the light, with the dog half on top of my abdomen.  As soon as the light went off she started barking her fool head off.

The dog is afraid of the dark.

Guess who still sleeps in the crate.

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