Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Crazy Happenings

Are you sick of the wedding yet?  No?  Good.  Because this post is about all the crazy things that happened.  I guess we had to get our Murphy's Law out of the way so that the wedding itself would be perfect.

I called my mom Friday morning to let her know when I would be up, and she told me that she had fallen down the stairs in the middle of the night, whacked her chin on the newel post by the landing, and screwed herself up mightily.

I was getting ready to go get my makeup done on Saturday morning, and was getting my things together, and I said to BJ, "Where is my dress?" as in, my bridesmaid's dress.  And he said, "What dress?"  Ack!  It was still hanging in the laundry room at our house, an hour and a half away!

I had to re-pierce my ears on Saturday morning because the hole in my left earlobe had closed.  I haven't worn earrings in a thousand years, because even the expensive ones cause infections.  I'm so sensitive....

As I mentioned earlier, my mother-in-law's generator chose Saturday morning to set itself on fire.

Immediately before the ceremony, two carloads of guests got into a car accident in front of Mom's building.  They were from Sara's side of the family, and I guess one had to go to the hospital.  I haven't heard a status update on them, so if anyone reading this knows if everyone is ok, please let me know.

What's really interesting about all of the little disasters is that each one could have been so much worse - Mom could have broken her neck or her back when she fell.  As it was, she was still able to dance with my brother (their dance was so funny, she changed the song on him and then pulled out an enormous hankie to dab at their tears).  I discovered that my dress was missing at 7 am, instead of at 3 pm when it would have been a REAL problem.  My father-in-law was able to bring it up from our house, with help from Karen (who has a key and let him in).  And because he was there, he and BJ were able to take a look at Diana's generator and make sure that it was safe.  Speaking of the fire, if she hadn't been home watching our kids that morning, who knows how far the fire would have spread?  And while the car accident sounded serious, no one was killed.

I guess any time you have that many people traveling and convening on one spot, you're bound to have stories like these.  Last weekend at Brian and Jen's rehearsal dinner, we set the bread basket on fire (I accidentally put it down with the napkin over a votive candle!).

So what other stories happened this weekend that I didn't know about?  Leave me a comment!


Kathryn said...

We caught our bread basket on fire too 😳

Kathryn said...

We caught our bread basket on fire too 😳

Amy Austin said...

I'm starting to understand why Mom's servers give each person a roll from the basket and then take the basket away!

Rob Monroe said...

More stories than I can remember, but bottom line is that we were out of town and are moving this Saturday...!!!