Monday, July 16, 2012


Our neighbor is older than my kids.  I think she's going into 6th grade.  We must have officially reached the point in summer vacation where the kids go insane with boredom*, because she has been over here all afternoon, watching my kids and playing with them.  I just went in the toy room and she has cleaned it.  I mean, she REALLY cleaned it.  All the toys are back in the bins.  When I saw it I almost cried.  It was atrocious, in a way that only a room full of cheap plastic crap from China can be atrocious, and now it is not.

So, if I get arrested for kidnapping, now you know the rest of the story.  I don't think a judge in the land would convict me if I keep her, do you?

* I know it's not just my neighborhood, because Monica lives across town and her older awesome neighbor girl has adopted her family too.  I don't know if she cleans or not, but she's great with the kids.  Oddly, both of our bored older neighbors live across the street and one house to the left.  If you have young kids and you're ready to strangle them, cross your street and go one house to the left and ask to borrow their bored teen or pre-teen.

Oh my goodness, now she's doing their nails.  I LOVE her.

Thank heaven for bored neighbor girls! I wonder if she does windows.

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