Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Good Grief, Pinterest - Cinnamon Roll Waffles

After Kim's encouragement, I decided to start documenting the recipes and whatnot that I try from Pinterest, and sharing them with you.

Boy was the first one a doozy!

You've all seen this one, right?

What could be easier?  Pop the cinnamon rolls onto the waffle iron.  You don't have to heat up the oven when it's 99 degrees outside at 8 am!  Genius!

The first thing that concerned me was that my waffle iron only has one setting - on.  There is no low setting.  I've cooked long enough to know that something as thick as a cinnamon roll is going to burn on the outside before it cooks on the inside if it's cooked at high temperatures.  The second thing that concerned me was all the loose cinnamon sugar coming off of my cinnamon rolls.

But we soldiered on.  We liberated the cinnamon rolls from their can:

We heated up the waffle iron, which was a wedding gift.  We tried to remember whether the ready light being on meant it was ready, or if it was ready when the ready light went off.  We decided to go with off.
It's practically an antique.
Once the light went off, we applied the cinnamon rolls to the hot waffle iron.  The kids started whining in earnest as soon as they smelled the (burning??) cinnamon that they were hungry.  We persevered.

 Then we saw this, and we started to get really nervous:
I stood right next to the damn waffle iron the entire time, and there was never any indication that burning was happening.  Waffles are done when the steam stops coming out, right?  Well, the steam never stopped with these.  In fact, it was still steaming when I opened it up and saw this.

Ok, Rome wasn't built in a day.  We still have half a can of cinnamon rolls!  Let's do this!  Right?

At this point Mary Grace piped up, "Mommy, just make them the way you're s'posed to!  In the OVEN!"  

"But it's an EXPERIMENT!" I replied.

Experiments often smell bad.

 Opening it up earlier revealed doughy nastiness.

...and peeling the tops off of the other side of the waffle iron revealed that they were every bit as burnt as the first set had been.

My project for the rest of the day is cleaning the burnt sugar crud out of my waffle iron. 

And after half an hour of screwing around, the kids had this for breakfast:

Jack likes his with cinnamon and sugar (syrup is too messy for toddlers) so it was sort of the same thing.  Kind of.  Claire had Nutella and MG, the purist, had syrup.

Waffle iron cinnamon rolls get an F.  A big fat burnt F.


Unknown said...

You should submit that to Craft Fail or that other Pinterest failing website...as THEY would say...NAILED IT! -Maggie

Heather said...

Pintester and you - are like the Mythbusters of crafting.

Kim said...

WooHoo!!! I saw my name linked up there. Do you think it's sad how excited that made me???

Anyway, I don't own a waffle iron, I don't think. If I do, I couldn't tell you where it is or how to run it. And the original pin didn't even look that appetizing to me, so I can believe it's a big fat fail. The Eggo's, on the other hand, made me go "YUM!"

Next you must try the "Impossible Custard Pie". Because I REALLY need to know if it's "eggy". And whether or not "eggy" is a good thing.

And I agree with Heather - you are the "Pinbuster". Love, love, love that you are doing this. UNBIASED Pinbusting is needed. And hey, you have a ROCKET SCIENTIST at your disposal. I think you should take on some of those "fun science things to do at home" pins - with a rocket scientist explanation of why they do (or don't) work. EX: I've heard that that Mountain Dew glow in the dark thing is a hoax.

(Please don't forget my cut when you are rich and famous....)

Amy Austin said...

Kim - this one? http://gratefulprayerthankfulheart.blogspot.com/2011/05/impossible-coconut-custard-pie.html

I have all the ingredients for that! I could probably make it tonight if I didn't have belly dancing. Maybe tomorrow...

Pinbuster, I love it!

Conry Lavis said...

I often see things on Pinterest that are from google and there are some things on google that I want to pin on my boards on Pinterest and I was wondering how to do it or if you even could when there was no "pin it" button on the website. I've seen the captions under a post say google images as a reference from where the picture came. Is it possible?

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Amy Austin said...

Conry - I've got a plug-in for Google Chrome that allows me to pin anything from any website, including annoying spammy links in blog comments.

Liz said...

I made these this morning. We have the same waffle iron. However, ours worked quite well.
This is what I did differently as far as I can tell from your description and pictures.
First, I ran butter over the waffle iron. Just enough to create a slight crease effect. (No one said it was extra healthy.)
Second, we used thinner cinnamon rolls. I smashed them down flatter too.
They cooked very quickly. The first batch was perfect, and the second batch was a little darker but still good. :)

Amy Austin said...

Liz - I'm glad they worked for you! I thought about using Pam, but I didn't want that chemical taste on my breakfast. Butter is a much better idea. My inner Paula Dean approves.

Flattening them out makes a lot of sense. Might have to give that a whirl next time canned cinnamon rolls are on sale!