Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lead - this time, it's personal


We have one of those. One exactly like that, only the paint is all worn off of the beak on ours because Mary Grace chewed the crap out of it.

Cuss word, cuss word, cuss word!

I am so pissed off. China needs to go directly to hell.

Who's going to file the class action lawsuit? I am so in.


And Everything Nice said...

We have one too! I am sooo angry! The only paint that is chipping on mine is.... you guessed it, THE BEAK! This is ridiculous! Like giving me the $10 back is going to make it okay if my child has lead poisoning.

Emily said...

Hi, sorry, just kind of stumbled on your blog. I'd be so mad too if I had bought any of the toys being recalled for my child as well, but shouldn't you be mad at the company outsourcing to china and who is supposed to actually be looking out for this? They must have known there was lead in the paint when they had their factories in China make the toys, and then when they shipped them to US toy stores. So shouldn't your anger be at them and not at China so much? I'm pretty mad at the companies, seems very irresponsible to not know what is in their own products.
Hope your little one is ok!