Sunday, August 26, 2007


We had such a wonderful day yesterday! We drove up home for a party - Jenny's husband turned 40. First we stopped by Mom's to see the new stained glass in the chapel. It is absolutely stunning.

I am so proud of my mom. She has really created something. Generations will go there, and will see what she has made (maybe not with her own hands, but with her imagination, her guts, and her checkbook!) and they will have the same, "Wow!" reaction that the rest of us have had so far, and I think that's so cool. To have built a place where so many happy memories will be made is so special.

Then we went to the party! Holy cow, do Jenny and her husband know how to party!! They threw it jointly with their neighbors, who have a pool, so the pool and the hot tub were open. They had karaoke (Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield, and I'm pleased to report that I didn't humiliate myself) - a real DJ set up with real karaoke, not one of those ones you can get at Toys R Us. They had the pool and the hot tub open. They had a TON of food and drinks (chocolate martini! Pomegranate martini! Some lemon thing of indeterminate ingredients and name that tasted like Kool-Aid and kicked my butt!!! Kegs! Capri-Suns for the kids!). They had a bounce house and a huge inflatable slide for the kids (MG loved the bounce house, once we talked her into trying it, and she loved the balls at the bottom of the slide). The kids had a ball playing with all the outdoor toys - the sandbox, the play structure, the Power Wheels jeep, etc. And at the end of the night, a fireworks show that was better than a lot of the Fourth of July municipal shows that I've seen. Jenny's husband is a professional fireworks-setter-offer, and his friend who lives in their neighborhood (out in the country, of course) put on an amazing display. It was incredible. And Mary Grace was so good. She didn't cry at all. She sat in my lap, and covered her eyes, but she was so brave.

We had an absolute blast. It was terrific. Thank you so much, Monkey Family, for inviting us!!!

And the best part? Mary Grace and Claire slept until 9 am! Woo hoo!

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