Thursday, August 16, 2007

Don Pablos

Our story opens with four kids pulling their two mothers in seven directions, while the waiters draw straws in the back to see who gets the short one and has to wait on the party.

WAITER (while running past table, unsuccessfully hiding short straw): I'll be right back, I have like seven tables, but I'll be with you in just one moment.

Time passes. Crayons are strewn. Chips are broken. Salsa coats tiny fingers. Claires don't like salsa.

WAITER: Okay, all my other tables have left, so your service should improve, now. You're my only one.

JEN (with wry humor): Well, then you should sit down and eat with us.

WAITER (flirtatiously): Oooh, sounds like a date!

Waiter walks away to bring a mop to get salsa off of the ceiling above children. Mary Grace puts corn cake up her nose. Amy looks relieved that Mary Grace put the corn cake up her OWN nose, and not someone else's.

JEN: Sure, if you want to date two old ladies with four kids, be my guest!

And..... SCENE!

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