Monday, August 6, 2007

Things we've been doing...

Hey, look, I finally got the camera back to good!

Mary Grace had her first haircut yesterday. It was ok. She wasn't too thrilled, but the sucker really helped. I only had her take off about an inch, because I thought it would help it curl more neatly. I was right - she's got ringlets again. Too cute!

Bonus points if you can figure out who the stylist reminded me of. I have no idea, but she looked so familiar. I'm sick of BJ making fun of me for going through that whole conversation every time we leave the house, though, so I only do it when it's driving me insane.

Today we went to Barnes and Noble - Mary Grace left her calling card, misplaced cats.

She is too funny. Later, she lined up all the engines and said, "Look at all the trains! Housans and housans!!!" It took me several minutes to decipher - thousands and thousands! We have no idea where she picked that phrase up. Clearly she inherited my penchant for exaggeration.

And here's our Claire, with her customary expression, which I interpret as her way of saying, "Dear God, who dropped me into this looney bin??"

I did about 8 gazillion loads of laundry (see?), and everything that is dry is currently folded, and a large percentage of it is even put away, which is a minor miracle. I also kept the kitchen clean and made dinner, not from a box! I made chicken florentine, and while I did use jarred sauce, I made the chicken from an actual whole chicken, not parts, so they cancel each other out and I can still call it "homemade." (Seriously, I made one chicken yesterday and I got three full meals out of it - I made casserole yesterday, froze half for later, and then saved the other 1/3 of the chicken for tonight's dinner. You can call me Fiona Frugal!)

We're headed to the Children's Museum tomorrow with Jenny and Monty! Stay tuned!
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Erin said...

Hey Amy,

Matt sent me this link on parents reclaiming their weeknights. I thought it was pretty interesting.

Thought you might like to read it too!