Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday at Grandma's

We came up last night for my mom's birthday, and were treated to a real humdinger of a thunderstorm. There were tornado warnings in effect just a bit south of us.

Somehow the power stayed on at Mom's house, but the power at her business is out. Mom does weddings - usually 3 or 4 a weekend. She has a beautiful ballroom with a bridal shop, and she just finished building a chapel. It's really cool.

Well, Mom's ballroom has no power. And they have food (pork, of course) for 300 people in the coolers - which are no longer cooler, but are actually getting warmer. Uh oh.

So, Pops spent the night at the building, and she spent the morning in crisis mode. She had to leave for work early, which totally put a crimp in our plans.

Happy birthday to you, huh? Poor Gwamma.

So, I'm in Grandmaland, waiting for the girls to get up from nap, trying to ignore Mom's dogs. Then we're going to go see Jenny. Hanging out at Mom's would be more fun if I could find her stash of chocolate...

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