Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Randomness

Claire is going to roll over any minute now. It's so odd, it seems like she's compelled to try. She doesn't really want to roll over - she gets pissed off when she has to lie on her stomach - but it's almost like some instinct is telling her that it's time to roll, now, or else! So, she exhausts her little self trying.

It seems like she's growing up so much faster than her sister did at the same age. Maybe it's because now we can see the progression in hindsight - once she rolls, it won't be long before she sits up (she can sit for a few moments, now, if she's put there, but she topples over eventually), and once she's rolling and sitting up she'll crawl, and then she'll cruise along the furniture (and we can put her in the walker, which Mary Grace just LOVED), and then before we know it she'll be walking, and running, and dancing, and graduating from college with a Ph.D., and winning the Nobel Prize, and finally settling down and having a slew of brilliant grandkids for me. *sniff* They grow up so fast.

I'm very much enjoying two things this weekend - being back in touch with Becky, who wins the prize for my oldest friend (not that she's old, but I've been friends with her longer than anyone else I know - since I was 5, I think. Maybe 6. Yeah, I think I was 6 and she was 7 when she moved to our neighborhood); and Pandora. Oh, three things - I'm reading The Myths of Innovation (which my mom gave BJ for his birthday, but I'm totally stealing because I'll be done with it before he's done with chapter 3).

Oh! Newsflash! While I was writing this, BJ called me into the other room. Claire rolled! She's such a biggle!

(This space intentionally left blank because my
computer ate the picture I was going to put here. Nuts.)

So, I'm working on a thought experiment. I'm no longer looking at things I do to take care of the kids as "chores." When I start to think things like, "My God, how many weeks has it been since I had two hours to myself?" or "How many diapers have I changed today?" I remind myself that taking care of my kids isn't a job, it's a pleasure. They deserve better than to be lumped in with cleaning toilets and doing laundry! I've been thinking this way for about 2 days (and thank God, because there was an Incident on Friday, involving a dirty diaper and Mary Grace, and I'm not going into details, but there was a call to the doctor's office and then to Bonus Mom and Dad when I couldn't get the doctor on the phone, and another one to my mom, just to verify that MG wasn't going to die... Ugh. The whole thing ended in a bath, and thank God Karen was here at the time. That's all I'm saying. I can't have the details of the incident made public. I mean, someday she's going to have to get a job... It wouldn't look good.) and it really seems to be making a difference in my mood. We'll see if I can do it for 30 whole days, and make it a habit!

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Laane said...

Oh she did!
She must have sensed that you were blogging about it!

We here have no real difference between the word chore and housekeeping.

We have a saying here in the house:
children are not housekeeping but life itself.