Saturday, December 13, 2008

BJ vs. Our Third Child

This morning, when I saw BJ for the first time in several days, because he's been working way too much, he mentioned that he needs to leave a comment correcting something I've said repeatedly on Ye Ol' Blog.

Apparently I keep talking about how BJ wants a third child. He says that he always wanted two kids, and that I talked him into having a third, and that's why he suggested it. Apparently he wants to refute the idea that he's pressuring me to have another.

This is true.

Here's the thing, though. I started talking him into it in advance, because I thought it would take a lot longer. He came around way too quickly - before I was actually ready, in fact! So, we're both right. BJ wants another kid, and it was my idea, but I was pre-negotiating, expecting it to take a couple of years. It only took a couple of months, so now I'm the one backing off. And he's all like, "But I thought you wanted another one!" and I'm all like, "I do, but not right now..." and he's like, "but you said..." and I'm like, "but I meant..." and here we are...

...NOT currently pregnant, for those keeping score.

In other news, if I can shake the headache that I woke up with for no reason whatsoever, today is Christmas Cookie Baking Day at the PB house. If I'm going to wake up with a headache (one that has not yet responded to two Excederin and three cups of coffee), I should at least have enjoyed a little wine the night before. Maybe I thought about enjoying a little wine, and my body is punishing me in advance. It would only be fair.

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RobMonroe said...

(chanting) one-and-done, one-and-done (/chanting)

It's so funny when the confusion and correctness both come from both sides.