Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Probably Need Therapy

Friday is Mary Grace's day to bring snack to preschool, and I was trying to think of something to take. Cupcakes and cookies are a bad idea, since it's morning preschool. I was amusing myself, trying to come up with the least-appropriate snack I could possibly bring, without breaking the law. The best I could come up with was Red Bull and Sugar Pops. Oh, if the other mommies knew what evil lurks inside my tiny mind, we'd never be invited to another playdate.

I need help.

In other news, the weaning continues to continue, and I am hopeful that we're past the hardest part (knock on wood).

Wednesdays are our crazy days. Mary Grace's preschool lets out at 11:30 am (and I actually remembered to take her dollar for the Christmas project today - go me!), then we have to grab lunch and get to tap/ballet at 12:30. By the time we get done with ballet at 1:30 or so, Claire is beyond ready for nap. I'm looking forward to changing our schedule - next week is the last week of these classes before we start a new session at the gymnastics/dance place. It's just a little too hectic from 11:15 until 2 around here right now. Allison's schedule will be entirely different next semester, so my work schedule will be entirely different... Everything changes in January. I'm not sure how I'm going to get all my work done at the office this month, since tomorrow is Allison's last day before winter break. Yikes. It'll all work out somehow, but I'm really going to miss having her here over the lunch hour. It's really good for Mommy's sanity to have lunch like a grown up once in a while, even if that lunch is eaten in the warm glow from my monitor at work. The sneaky Allison also worked it out so that the kids will be napping for a good portion of the time she's here. Coincidence?

I need to drag the kids to the mall to get a couple of gifts. I'm really not motivated to do so today, though. I should also start baking, but I'm not motivated to do that, either. Really, I'm motivated to put in a movie and crash on the couch while they zone out. Great Moments in Parenting, huh? It's BJ's fault, I was up late with him watching Batman, the Dark Knight.

What are you procrastinating today?


Anonymous said...

you could always do the fruit rollups, which have no nutritional value, but are tasty.

AmyW said...

I am procrastinating wrapping presents and baking. I have had bronchitis and I just can't seem to get any energy to get anything done.