Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Since Fran and "Pierre" exposed us to the flu (we're not bitter... No, really, we're not. Fran reads el blogo, I wouldn't mention it if we were) we decided to avoid our friends with small children and keep our germs to ourselves tonight, which meant missing several family-friendly parties to which we were invited (Tammy, Purity, Jenny - I hope you're having fun without us!! No, really, I mean it, they read the blog, too).

We went to dinner at TGI Friday's, saw my favorite waiter in the world (Kip!), and had a great meal, just the four of us (Bumpa's working). Then we headed across the parking lot to Chuck E. Cheese for some video games (they've expanded, and it sucks a little less). (Jeez, 2009 is shaping up to be the year of the parentheses already...). Came home, got the girlies to bed (see ya next year, babiez!), BJ went out in pursuit of Ben & Jerry's, and when he gets home we're going to watch Tropic Thunder.

We know how to party.

I just wanted to take this minute to wish you a happy 2009! Thanks for spending some of your time with me this year. It means a lot to have so many people interested in our little world, here. I hope that I've made you laugh, and if not, that I've made you think, and if not, that I've at least made you say, "Awww..." at my kids' pictures.

I hope your 2009 is full of playdates and laughter, Goldfish and Koolaid, friends and family, string cheese and chocolate milk, parties and gymnastics and school and politics and opinions and more blessings than your heart can hold.

I just realized that I almost posted this to my mom's blog. Whoops!

And finally, here's one last picture of the girlies in 2008 - taken today, as they were rockin' the extremely cute suits that Aunt Amanda sent, which accidentally got mixed in with a pile of hand-me-downs from my awesome neighbor Chelsea, and which I'm glad I found before the end of the year, because it was seriously tacky of me not to thank her sooner for them. Thanks Amanda! You have excellent taste in Cute Suits!

Aren't they cute? Trust me, they're twice as cute when they're sleeping.

Happy New Year! BJ's home, and he, Ben & Jerry and I are going to curl up with Ben Stiller and Jack Black. It sounds more exciting when I put it that way...


Jen said...

Aww. Happy new year to you guys, too and your cute suits...
the 9 fingered mcdonalds
(it took me about 10 tries to type mcdonald...)

Barbara said...

I love the cute suits, and your girls fr that matter! Good job Amanda. :) Happy New Year!