Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Coolness, Practically In My Backyard

Remember last Christmas, and the one before, when the guy who everyone loved to watch on Youtube but no one would want to live next door to sync'd his Christmas lights up with his stereo system and made a video? A video like this:

Holy crap, it turns out that I don't need to watch this on the 'net, because the house where it actually happens isn't far from here at all (if you're local and want to know where it is, e-mail me). Grandpa Bob found it! How excellent is that? And we're going to take the kids to see the 2008 display sometime this week.

Suck it, Grinches! Hahaha...

In other news, I am totally freezing my rear end off. It is SO cold in my office that I'm actually hanging out in the server room to soak up some of the radiant computer heat.

However, I am a cold person who has dental insurance for the first time in many years (about 11, if I'm remembering correctly) so I'm happy about that recent development (and happy that it came before the kids needed braces!). And I'm a cold person with dental insurance who should have about 30% of her roof re-done when she gets home (just the lower, leaky part) and said roof will have a 6 year warranty on labor, and a 25 year warranty on the shingles... so SCORE.

Things are looking up at the PB house. What's your good news?


Mimi said...

There is a house like this in Grammaland too! It's really cool! They have it linked to a radio station.

Anonymous said...

Blue sky, sunshine, 67 degrees, crimson leaves on the trees.

Anonymous said...

Any day above ground is a good day!

fran said...

Let me know when you are going... Tim and I would love to see it too.

Love TSO!!

Email or call :)