Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am watching the video of the man who lost his wife, mother in law, and two daughters (15 months and just barely 2 months old) in the accident in San Diego. Here's a link.

The father, Dong Yun Yoon, is utterly graceful in his grief. He asks the audience to pray for the pilot, and says that he harbors him no ill-will, in fact calls him a treasure for our nation. I am so moved by his compassion and his strength.

Can you imagine? You go to work one day, everything's normal, and you come home and your world is torn apart. We are so fragile. And yet, people like Dong Yun Yoon, who are living a nightmare, show such courage and such dignity. In the video of him speaking to the media, I believe he demonstrates the best of humanity - that even in his unbearable grief, he is concerned for others (the pilot, friends whose calls he hasn't returned...). Moments like these, when someone bears up and is genuinely beautiful in the face of horror give me hope for the rest of us. Even in the midst of unspeakable tragedy, a regular person like you and me can demonstrate the essential goodness of his character.

I hope this man's community will hold him close. I hope that others will reach out to him in love and give him strength. I hope the military learns something valuable from the jet's failure, so that they can prevent further accidents in the future. I hope the pilot is comforted by the forgiveness that Dong Yun Yoon so nobly offered.


RobMonroe said...

Such an incredle story. Reminds me of the Amish schoolhouse story from a few years back. Ever since that day I have forgiven everyone for everything. There is just no room for grudges in my life.

Jen said...

I saw him on the news too. I couldn't believe his strength either. Brian and I actaully had a conversation about it. Amazing.