Friday, December 19, 2008

The Ice Storm Cometh

I'm in the large swath of the United States that is getting hit by an ice storm right now. I checked a little while ago, and it's raining ice outside. There's already a fine crust on all our patio furniture and outdoor toys. Nice.

This is going to put a real wrench in my holiday/weekend plans.

Just a reminder to friends IRL and family - if we lose power we also lose our phones, because we use VOIP (internet phone) so call our cells if you need us. I'm going to make sure I remember to put it on charge before I go to bed.

Don't worry about us - we have enough food to feed the eleventh infantry, wood for the fireplace, lots of blankets and books and toys, and even a clean toy room (!!!). We have candles and flashlights and everything we need. Walmart was an absolute zoo tonight when I stopped on the way home from work (thanks again, Grandpa Bob!!). The biggest concern is that BJ the Workaholic will try to go to work anyway and crash his car (I'm hiding his keys before I go to bed, too), or that we'll both go nuts from lack of internet (I can check my email and blogs from my phone!). Honestly, it would probably be good for both of us to "unplug" for a day or two - which means that it won't happen.

Maybe I should make coffee tonight so that we can heat it up over a candle if there's no power in the morning! One must have one's priorities, after all.

Is it nasty where you are? What are you doing to keep yourself and your kids from going stir crazy? Shoot - we have an electric oven, so if the power goes out we can't even make cookies! Does anyone have a recipe for Christmas cookies baked over an open fire?


Anonymous said...

You can come visit if you want. We are about 80 degrees this week. :) Mandy

Stay Safe and Warm

Jenny said...

Lucky this wasn't an issue. I think the weather people have a deal with the grocery people and they're just trying to get us all to buy milk, eggs and bread at once. I guess when we are snowed in, we might want to make french toast??