Sunday, July 19, 2009

Comprehensive BlogHer Packing List

Maybe my neuroses can help some of y'all get ready, too.

Wallet (ID, credit card, $50 in cash - small bills for tips, etc.)
iPhone & case
NEW Flip Video Camera (thanks Johnson & Johnson!)
Business Cards

Laptop & charger
Phone charger
Camera charger
Kindle charger
Wireless aircard (yes, I am in full geek mode)

Dress 1 (of the "little black" variety)
Dress 2 (also little and black but more for daytime)
Black pants
Purple shirt
Sparklecorn shirt (I'm taking the "sparkle" part seriously)
Jeans and t-shirt for ride back Sunday
Undies x 4 (always good to have a spare!)
PAJAMAS! (I always forget pajamas)
Make up bag
Really comfy black sandals
Somewhat comfy black sandals
Wildly uncomfortable but cute sandals
(wear the brown sandals Thursday)
Safety pin
Lighter (for sterilizing safety pin before I pop blisters with it - no kidding)
"Fashion" tape
Extra business cards

paring knife

Am I forgetting anything?

Updated to add:

Power strip for charging all this gear


Momo Fali said...

As long as you have the cooler, I'm good.

I am bringing stuff like a lint roller, a tiny fan (because I'm always hot) and I'll pack some band-aids so you can cover those blisters after you pop them!

Cathie said...


Piper of Love said...

I'm so grateful for your comprehensiveness. This is going to be so much fun!!

Jen said...

I'm pretty sure your new iPhone will patch (there's a technical term for it but I can't remember what it is) a wi-fi connection to your laptop so you don't need your aircard. I think it's free with iPhone/at&t. check into it. It would be one less thing to carry, and hmm, if you're paying for your aircard, maybe you could cancel it!

Jen said...

oh yeah, what about some shoes that aren't sandals? just a thought...

Rob Monroe said...

Wow - I thought I was a bit too into MY trip. We have a manila file folder, legal sized (don't ask) with all of our lists on it:

What is needed for the Car
What needed to have been done a week ago
Shopping lists
et cetera

The folder has stayed in the car on weekends so that we can add or amend it as we are out and about.

It has made me a little bit less nervous about forgetting something...

Have an awesome time in Chicago!

Della said...

Oh wheeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrre.... is my hairbrush! (sorry, I saw the "PS and this" addition and got the Veggie Tales song stuck in my head.)

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Pack fewer clothes and more money. Bring along another $100, nothing larger than a $10. When several of you go out to eat together, one of you will charge the entire amount, and the others will give that person cash. Have fun!

Red Carpet/Bright Lights said...

Just a thought -- might want to pack the hotel confirmation, location and hopefully your cool new phone has GPS to get you directly there? ;p ;p Oh yes -- and some change for the tolls if you're going up I-90 (I believe it's up to $4.50 - $5 each way now). :) Have a fabulous time! :) :)

Anonymous said...

ew on the blisters...get some BandAid Blister block. I carry it in my purse all summer long. It's a tiny deodorant-like stick of silicone that you rub on your feet where your shoes are rubbing. Then they will slide over instead of grab your skin and therefore no blisters!