Monday, July 6, 2009

Motor Mouth

Claire has turned into quite the little motor mouth lately. If her words are reflective of her thoughts, she thinks primarily about princesses, boo-ful dresses, and her "Ister."

Twice yesterday I asked her if she wanted something. Both times she replied, "No thanks, Mommy, it's all good."

Today she was standing at the top of the stairs crying because she wanted to wear her "Nemo dress" (an orange, dip dyed dress that I picked up for her at Target - you can't see the whole thing, here, but you can see how it makes her feel...

I didn't want her to wear it today because she's been wearing it for a couple of days, and it's filthy, but she was insistent. Since I hurt my back and the kids have a virus, we're not really planning to go anywhere today (except, maybe, the pharmacy if, God willing, the doctor calls in a prescription for me!), I finally caved and let her wear the (expletive deleted) dress.

On the way down the stairs she said, "It's a boo-ful dress! It's a boo-ful dress every day!"

Then there's the OMM (original motor mouth), Mary Grace. She's so stinkin' funny. The other day she and BJ had the following exchange.

MG: Daddy, I want a TV in my room!
Daddy: You can't have a TV in your room for many years.
MG: Why not?
Daddy: Because you have to be older to have a TV in your room.
MG: How old?
Daddy: ...

time passes

MG: Daddy, why do we have hallways?
Daddy: To get from one room to another, why?
MG: 'Cause if we didn't have a hallway, your room would be in my room and then I would have a TV in my room!

One can't fault her for her logic. We do, indeed, have a TV in our room, and the hallway and the bathroom are the only things between our room and their room. The bathroom's purpose is clear, but what about that pesky hallway?

Mary Grace has also started calling our black cat "Edwin" because that's the name of Olivia's black cat in the book Olivia.

She was packing her backpack last night full of treasures. "Where are you going?" we asked. "Grandma's," she replied, matter of factly. So, Grandmas, consider yourselves on notice. As soon as we get rid of this virus...

I can't remember what we ever used to laugh about before we had kids.

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di said...

Have to say it was 'wonderful' to have you all up here in Grandmaland to celebrate the 4th of July. Happy that 'family' could be together! The Girl cousins sure did have a good time together :)
Thanks to BJ and Kevin for grilling burgers and dogs in the rain!