Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lunch at the Farm

Today we went back to Grandpa Ben's farm (where we camped Friday night) to have lunch with BJ's dad and Nancy, and Nancy's three sons, and their families. Grandpa Ben and Grandma Nancy had eight of their nine granddaughters there today - Jessica, Jolie, Jacie, Natalie, Mary Grace, Marissa, Claire, and Isabella! Can you imagine what family get-togethers are going to be like when they're all teenagers?? Poor little Dylan - the lone boy. He lives in Arizona, unfortunately, so we don't get to see him, or his sister Cassidy, very often.

Can you imagine being the only boy in this herd of girls?

Jolie, Mary Grace, Marissa, Natalie.

Claire, Jolie, Mary Grace, Marissa, and Natalie.

Claire, Jolie, and Mary Grace. Jolie is a sweetheart. What a love...

This is my favorite picture. You should've seen me tossing them all onto the hammock, trying not to let anyone kick anyone, and then the hammock would swing and I'd just have a pile of little girl arms and legs. I wish I'd made all the kids come out and get in the swing, that would've been cute.

I felt like Miss Hannigan from Annie! Little girls, little girls! Mary Grace and Claire just love their cousins. They had such a fun time playing with all the kids!
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RobMonroe said...

Our neighborhood looks like that - five girls and no boys (that we know of). It was the opposite on the street when I grew up.

Love all of these pictures - but you can only recreate the last one for a few more years or that hammock might give out!