Friday, July 17, 2009

iLike my iPhone

I've had an AT&T Tilt for a couple of years, but the battery isn't lasting the way it used to. A new battery was $50. A new iPhone was only $100. Guess what I chose!

BJ is annoyed because now I am officially cooler than he is.

Boy is Apple slick. Their packaging is slick. Their interface is slick. I'm even thinking about going to a Mac next time I need to upgrade my laptop.

BJ will plotz when he reads that.

So, that's what I've been doing for the last 24 hours, more or less, trying to get everything set up and configured. iThink it's really going to help me keep up with everything at BlogHer.

Ok, I'll stop with the "iXXXXX" now. Heee...

We did take an iPhone break when Bumpa stopped by last night for a visit. The girls were so happy to see him. Then we took a pizza over to Karen's to play with her and her kids. It was a nice evening.

Today we're having lunch with Casey and her kids, probably at Chick Fil A, but first I have to find her phone number. It's in my old phone. I also need a shower and stuff.

I have an appointment with the brilliant Dr. Dave this afternoon. I haven't really talked about it on the blog, but basically I want to talk to him about boundaries and preschoolers and what's normal. I feel like the kids are touchier with me than other peoples' kids are with them, and I'm not sure if it's normal. MG has a real thing for my "squishy tummy" (I just love that adjective. *sigh*) and sometimes if she's stressed, she'll try to put her head under my shirt. In public. Delightful.

We went to the drive-in a few weeks ago, and Claire was cold, so I put her inside my shirt to keep her warm. Ever since, she's been putting her dolls and toys inside her shirt, with their heads through the neck hole of the shirt, and asking me to "go in." Sometimes I let her, depending on what shirt I'm wearing. Sometimes I don't. It depends on my mood, too, and where we are. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to be that touched, and sometimes we're in a place where it isn't appropriate at all.

Whenever I lay down with either of them, usually to go to sleep, and sometimes if we're just sitting, their hands will find their way into my shirt and they'll rub my stomach. Again, sometimes I ignore it, but sometimes I can't (like if we're out in public) and I don't let them do it.

I guess I need to know if this is normal, if I'm damaging them by letting them do it, or not letting them do it. All the Sears books talk about how important it is to have "skin to skin" contact with babies, but none of them tell you when to stop!!

Bearing in mind that Claire is 28 months old and MG is going to be 4 next month, what do you think? Did your kids still use you as a security blanket at this age? Have I screwed them up (again), or is this normal?

Also, am I weird for going to a shrink over this? Hahaha... I really respect Dr. Dave when it comes to parenting stuff. He is really knowledgable, and just talking to them and hearing, "you're doing fine, your instincts are good," from an expert really helps me with my confidence. I could hear that from BJ, my mom, other moms, my sister... all day, but for some reason Dr. Dave's opinion carries a lot of weight. Maybe it's the Ph.D.

Then tonight, BJ wants to take the kids to Grandpa Ben's farm and go camping in the pasture! That'll be interesting! I predict that Claire and I are going to end up indoors. I'll take pictures and let you know how it goes.

I really need to find Casey's number and get a shower. What are you doing for fun this weekend?


RobMonroe said...

Okay - awesome on the cell phone front. Though I'm pretty sure you will never be cooler than BJ - he plays with rockets for fun AND for his job. Rocket beats iPhone any day!

Abby likes to reach down my shirt in public. I'm a bit furry on the chest, so I always wear buttons all the way to the top, and she knows this now and likes to unbutton and grab "boobs" whenever she can.

This weekend we're going to the Maryland Zoo and getting ready for our Big Road Trip. I'm looking forward to both of those projects!

B.J. said...

Oh, I'm not annoyed that you got an iPhone. I just like to give iPhone owners a hard time by implying that they think they are better than everyone else for purchasing one. It's (mostly) in fun.

And, no I won't plotz (or even heaver) if you get a Mac. Just realize that I have zero ability to provide support for them as I have probably 15 minutes of total experiences on a Mac, which mostly consisted of waiting for one of the PCs to open up in a computer lab.

I don't have a lot against them but I really have a hard time dealing with a single mouse button and, in fact, find it somewhat disturbing.

KaityK said...

I love my is a teeny tiny computer that I can take everywhere and it makes phone calls. It's so user friendly and I just keep finding more and more apps and such to keep me interested!
If you decide to get a Mac for your next computer Deac can teach you how to use it...he switched from a PC user to a Mac user about three years ago and he's been studying them ever since.
Like BJ I still use a PC, but that's mostly because it's what I know and I'm stubborn and I don't want to take the time to learn a new operating system.
Props to you for being brave!!

Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you! Deac and I were thinking about taking Grace to Monticello to the Drive in...they're playing Harry Potter and since it's a drive in, it won't matter if she cries!

KaityK said...

P.S. I got the iPhone 3Gs...I really think it was a waste of 100.00, I should've just gotten another regular one after I dropped my old one in a port-a-potty...
It does video and has voice recognition software, but I just never remember to use it because I'm still used to the old version!

mwiesjahn said...

I have to agree with BJ on the Mac. I HATE the one button mouse. How do you do anything?? I use the right click all the time. I would hate to have to learn the menu and figure out where the "format text box and format picture" buttons are.

Good luck to you camping! It will be an adventure!!

Chrissy said...

We've had a mac for 5 years - the same one lol it is still running beautifully :) and we changed the mouse for a wireless one with 2 buttons.

Cassondra said...

I nursed my now 10 year old son for 13 months and my 23 month old daughter for 20 months. After weaning, they both started this thing with putting their hands down my shirt for comfort. I just let them do it; my son grew out of it and my daughter only does it when she's feeling stressed. Who am I to deny their stress reliever if it doesn't bother me?? And my 10 year old is none the worse for it!!