Friday, July 24, 2009

I am on a Streak!

I just won a full set of Michelin tires! I spun a wheel and was the first winner they'd had all day!!!

That totally cheered me up from the tragic loss of about 1/3 of the first session I liveblogged. I hit "submit" at the 15 minute mark, as instructed, and got a 404 not found, and when I hit "back" everything was gone. And I died.

I have never met a more wonderful group of people than the LBGTQ group that I liveblogged for this morning. I felt awkward, at first, because it's such a personal topic, and I am an outsider to their group, but they were so warm and welcoming and wonderful. People came up and hugged me afterwards, even though I totally dropped the ball, and were so sweet. I feel really privileged that they let me into their conversation this morning. I can't wait to get home and go through all the business cards I've gathered and follow all their blogs.

My house will never be clean again after this weekend, I'm telling you. It's ridiculous how many business cards I've collected (and handed, out of course!).

Every time someone walks by with a baby I get all teary because I miss my kids SOOOO much! I called BJ to tell him about the tires and I spoke to them. BJ, Lucy, and Jane are taking the girlies to the fair this afternoon, and I know they're all having fun. I ache for them, though. They drive me nuts, but if I don't see their faces I feel like some essential part of me is missing.

I need to call my mom. Does it feel like this every day when your kids are grown, or do you gradually get used to it over the course of 18 years (or 33)?

I probably just need to go have a good sob and get it over with because whenever anyone says anything even remotely nice to me, I cry. I cried when I won the tires. I cried when my roommate Piper told me she was glad I was rooming with them. I cried when I hung up from talking to the kids. I am an emotional trainwreck.

And now I'm going to go listen to a bunch of fabulous women who have faced or are facing medical crises in their lives and their kids' lives, and I am going to cry again because I am a total mush.

The update with the "Patient Bloggers" session notes should be here around 4 pm or 4:30 Chicago time.


Kaitlyn said...

Yay! Congrats on the tires!! Its fun reading about your experiences there. Have a great time!!! :)

Anonymous said...

yes you do, I am sorry to say, but yes, you miss them every day. Maybe not so acutely, but you do. I wish I had known this before my mother died. I wouldn't have so much guilt now.
why do you think that every mom says to enjoy it because it goes by so fast? maybe we need to start saying to enjoy it because you will miss it when it's over and your kids are grown and gone. i've been very fortunate that you kids don't live at the four corners of the country. believe me, i am very thankful for that.