Friday, July 24, 2009


Oh my God, y'all. For someone who gets invited to about 4 parties a year, having 4 parties going on simultaneously is just a little bit much.

I pooped out first, of my roommates, and came back to the room for a shower and to write and tell you that we've made it and we're fine. You can follow me on Twitter @prettybabies for moment-to-moment updates. I met Pioneer Woman and got her autograph (and Marlboro Man's!) for Aunt Kathryn!!! I went total fan girl on her, and on Bossy, and on The Blogesss and I'm completely too drunk to link to them right now, but you know who they are. And if you don't you should. We just ordered food because we are all starving (thanks Johnson's for the food money!!) and the GM meetup was really nice and the people were cool and it was totally the only protein I've eaten all day. I didn't eat the people. I ate the cheese sticks and chicken fingers. I'm so completely dizzy. Anissa didn't recognize me and I will never forgive her! Just kidding, love her, love everyone.

A certain blogger who I got into it with recently is totally stalking me. I have seen that girl EVERYWHERE and I'm going to cut her if she doesn't leave me alone. Seriously I have seen her forty two times, and it needs to stop because there are other people I need to see when I'm not hiding from her behind plants.

There aren't enough plants in the Sheraton, there are totally too many people hiding in them.

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