Thursday, July 2, 2009


On the way down to Huntsville we got stuck in traffic because of an accident near Cave City.

On the way home from Huntsville we got stuck in traffic because of an accident near Cave City.

What are the odds?

For the second one they actually closed the interstate, two semis collided and one driver was killed. I guess one of the trucks was carrying hazardous materials, too. So, we had to spend the night here, in the motel from My Name Is Earl. I'm itchy, and afraid to look too closely at the mattress or the floor. (But it's still better than being killed in a car accident so I am totally not complaining).

My awesome friends on Facebook offered sympathy and clean near-highway restrooms (if only we'd been able to get that far!). Mary Grace did a great job of entertaining herself and not having to pee. Claire? Not so much. Sitting still in the car for two hours is just a lot to ask of a two year old. By the time she started to melt down, I was pretty ticked off, too.

BJ looked at me and said, "We are not driving to Florida."

I couldn't disagree.

So, as long as we're here we're going to go swimming in the motel pool (maybe kill the bedbugs?) and go see Mammoth Cave.

Ironically, my good friend Karen was stuck in the southbound lane of 65 last night, right around this area, on her way to Georgia. We probably could've waved at each other, if we'd known at the time. I wonder if they gave up and stayed around here, too? Maybe we'll see them by the pool.

Now that would be a coincidence!

(Tuesday night we had a cookout with a bunch of our friends from college at Marianne and Adam's house. We had a super time, and the kids were really good. Yesterday Marianne met the girls and I at a really nice mall while BJ went to his meeting. We played in the fountains, rode the carousel, ate pizza, bought candy, and just had a really nice time. At nap time, when the kids had had it, we went back to her house to wait for BJ to finish up. Once he called, we took off and picked him up, then we left town. It was a short, but really great, visit.)


Erin said... you know why we drive through the night. Although we are considering breaking up the trip for one overnight stay somewhere in the future. The 2-5am shift is particularly grueling. At least the kids sleep! We're having to drive since flying just instant a very good option for us anymore. Maybe we'll start that again when Abby's older.

Unknown said...

I wanted to drive through the night, but BJ refused. :)

Unknown said...

I used to not worry about driving really late at night - several trips to Grammaland were started after 12pm and even once to Cleveland with not arriving until 4am.

But now I look back at some of those times as pure folly with how risky it was trying to battle sleep while driving. It is simply not worth it. Better to be $80 poorer for staying at a roadside motel than in a potentially fatal car accident.

Unknown said...

As almost-always, I defer to your better judgment, my love.

Megan said...

I was also stuck in the traffic from the accident and finally 3 hours later got rerouted along a bunch of country roads. It was not fun and it was definately a horrible accident.