Monday, June 7, 2010

Abandoned Blog

If it were any more desolate around here, there would be tumbleweeds.  Seriously, what kind of horrible blogger am I, anyway?

I do have an excuse.  The kids are at BJ's mom's for a couple nights (we dropped them off yesterday and we'll pick them up tomorrow) and it is so very very quiet and weird here.  I had a horrible time getting to sleep last night.  "My chicks are not in my nest!" I told BJ (it turns out that he was asleep at the time). 

One would think that I would enjoy sleeping without Mary Grace steamrollering me out of the bed, and without Claire squeezing my upper arm flab, but instead I just laid there and missed them.  I am such a dork.

When your kids aren't home, you don't miss the whining and the constant requests and the fighting.  You don't even remember those things unless you try.  You miss the hugs and kisses and tickles.  You miss how Claire says, "round and round the gar-den," as she circles your palm with her tiny index finger, then says, "two step, two step," as she steps up your arm to tickle and make you laugh. And you miss the hilarious things that Mary Grace says...  The latest example was when BJ was installing their carseats in his mom's car, and Mary Grace looked around the garage and said, "Daddy, Grandmother has a big ladder and a little ladder, and she has a hose.  Grandmother must be a firefighter!"  I just love the way her mind works!  You miss the sound of their laughter.

I know they're having a super time.  Some of my fondest childhood memories are of spending the night at my grandma's house.  We would bake and sew, and my aunt Julie and I would sing "oldies" and dance around the kitchen.  I made them watch Mary Poppins a thousand times.  These memories they're creating are so good and wholesome and healthy - and it's nice for BJ and I to have some time alone together, too.  We went out to dinner and a movie last night, and we went out for dinner again tonight.  Two dates in a row?  Two dates per quarter is our usual!!

It's good for all of us.

Still, when they called this evening to say goodnight, I wasn't saying, "I'll see you soon!" to reassure them.  It was for me. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I can relate. My children are 8 and 4 and they have NEVER slept overnight without either my husband or me. My husband invited me to an Adobe Conference in LA in October since I'm exploring potential job opportunities after James starts school.
I also thought of you today. Because if I were a blogger, I would blog tonight. I thought of a former co-worker a couple weeks ago who influenced me with genuine respect. "Whatever happened to Dana Key? I wonder if he knows I appreciated our professional mutual respect." I thought. Today I found out he passed away yesterday.
Then I thought about you because you are far less reserved about random thoughts. So here is mine, take the time to contact someone when you think about it.

Bev said...

Our three grandkids are eleven, nine, and six. They flew in yesterday without their parents and will be here for nearly three weeks!

I too had fabulous grandparents and am left with so many wonderful memories so we have always spent as much time with ours as we possible can from a couple thousand miles away, which is three to five times a year. Tomorrow we leave in our RV to make some more fabulous memories together!

If I'm not mistaken, I think we're heading your way to visit your much raved about Children's Museum.

Mrs4444 said...

This is really cute, Amy :) When one or both of our kids (teens) are gone, Mr.4444 and I both miss them terribly; it's just not the same when they're not here :)