Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Update

Remember how earlier I said that I would be ok, because the new sitter was starting tomorrow?

If you are my Facebook friend you've already read that she canceled at noon today.  Not just for tomorrow - for the whole summer.  And my head exploded.

And MG spilled about 2 cups of milk all over the kitchen floor, and more than a little bit of it got on the new carpet.

But it's going to be ok.  It is.  My brother is tentatively going to come watch the girls on Friday.  And my mother in law is taking them next week from Sunday through Tuesday afternoon.  And I've got a request in for the neighbor to take them one day at the end of next week.  And on the 15th the "mommy's time out" program resumes at the church, and I can take them Tuesday and Thursday from 9 - 1, for only $35 a week.

It's going to be ok.  I'm still breathing.  And I only yelled a little bit about the milk.

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