Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Update 2: Keeps Getting Better

As long as I'm being Debbie Downer today, we got the official letter from the neighborhood school saying that MG will not be starting Kindergarten this fall (astute readers will remember that she misses the state cut off by 10 days).  They are not taking any early admissions due to budget restraints, even though a huge tax referendum just passed in May and increased the amount of money that the schools in our town will be receiving. 


The firm cut off date is stupid.  They should make the cut off June 1, but do testing for every kid born between June 2 and some arbitrary date in the fall, say September 1.  Wouldn't that be more fair?  Wouldn't that be more individualized education?

Wouldn't that be more expensive?  Yep.  That's why they don't do it.

I'm already studying to be "that mother" when my kids start public school.  Heck, I'm probably already "that mother" at preschool.  I was pretty much "that mother" all over town today.  I about decked a woman for shoving her way past MG at Panera today (I restrained myself and instead shouted, "EXCUSE ME," at her back - she didn't notice.  I don't think she spoke English.  No excuse for shoving a child, though).  Then another woman said "bullshit" while sitting right next to Claire, and while Claire has probably heard me say that more than once, the woman who said it didn't know that.  I very nearly said, "Nice language to use in front of a couple of kids!" but decided that I didn't want to get into a big Jerry Springer fight in the middle of Panera.  Again.

I'm going to bed. 

(Blessing counting:  Dad came over today, helped me run errands with the kids, and bought us lunch.  I have managed to work out a temporary childcare solution with the help of assorted friends and relatives until the Mommy's Time Out program starts.  I have plans to exploit other local Mommy's Time Out programs - we'll just be Presbyterian on Tuesday and Thursday, maybe we'll be Catholic on Wednesday and Jewish on Monday and Episcopalian on Friday.  Nevermind - Episcopalian is hard to spell.  We had a very good time at the Science Cafe about genetically modified food tonight, and I am a lot less worried about GMod food than I was going in.  The kids were pretty good, too, with only a few moments of noisiness that no one really seemed to mind.  It's not so bad.  I know that there are hundreds of thousands of people on this planet who would kill to have my "problems" instead of their own Problems.  I'm still going to bed.)


strwberrryjoy said...

Too bad I don't live closer. I would totally watch them for the summer for you. Alex is such an easy baby! He just nurses once in a while and sleeps. And he takes a pacifier. :) I no longer hate pacis. ;) Are you still hiring that sitter for the fall? I so wouldn't. What a flaky beotch...I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE when sitters cancel for an evening. But a summer? What happened there?

Anonymous said...

I'm "that mom" too Amy. Hey, I joined the school board, and it doesn't even pay in Illinois! (I think we might be the only state that doesn't pay school board members.)
Sounds like you will be exposing your kids to multi-religious/multi-cultural ideas. Way to go Amy!
I understand your frustration Amy. I send you a hug. Hang in there, Becky

Heather said...

Dammit, for all the times when I feel incompetent because you have so much of your shit together, the LEAST you could do is return the favor and vent at me when you need to, and let me take a turn feeling all self-assured and crap like that. It would be good for MY self-esteem. 'Cause it's all about me, after all.

Hang in there. And swing by the market tomorrow if you can; assuming it isn't hailing, I plan to be there.

angel0199 said...

I won't bother with my public schools in IN rant because you have heard it before. We are actually doing a charter school next year. And I will still probably be "that mom".

Just remember MG will be fine where ever she is and whenever she gets there. You on the other hand seem a bit on the edge. I know you have work to do, but make sure you fit some down time in while MIL has the girls. Grandma is taking mine for a few nights in a few weeks. I plan to spend one day all by myself!

di said...

Well, that just sucks. Had no idea that your sitter bailed on you and now, the school. Grrrrr
I can help you guys out this summer for sure. I have 'things' but we can compare 'google calendars.'

Alyssa said...

I was in that same boat last year in Muncie. My son's birthday is August 13. He did the testing and came out average for a kid already in kindergarten, but they only let the really, really advanced kids in early.

While we were deciding whether to even try getting him in early, I spoke to several people whose kids were close to the line and had started late, and they all said they were glad of it, because their kids were more socially mature than their classmates.

So this year he's going, and it turns out our local elementary is some kind of magnet school that kids from other neighborhoods apply to get into. Rather surprising, since we're not in one of the best neighborhoods.

RobMonroe said...

Glad to hear you have a patchwork solution for sitting on the girls. Maybe just literally have MG sit on C for an hour, then switch!

Even if it does not work, it would get you a laugh or two, right?

mwiesjahn said...

I'll watch them for a couple days this summer. We'll need to figure out the schedule, but I'm sure that we could do a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or something like that. It will be an annual trip for the girlies!

Red Carpet/Bright Lights said...

Yikes! I just got caught up on your last two blogs. Can't believe your luck. :( I'd offer to help next week, but we're leaving on Friday for vacation. That reminds me -- when did you need the dictation recorder thingy? Do I need to get it to you before we leave?

Anonymous said...

I think you need to come to grammaland for a weekend and I will watch the girlies I am in Chile till the 10 th but after that we need to pick a weekend. You and BJ can go out to dinner and I will watch the girls!!!

Cousin Kelly

Anonymous said...

I think you need to come to grammaland for a weekend and I will watch the girlies I am in Chile till the 10 th but after that we need to pick a weekend. You and BJ can go out to dinner and I will watch the girls!!!

Cousin Kelly