Sunday, March 4, 2012


We are sitting in the third row waiting for Lucy's school's production of Annie. She is in the chorus. I'm really worried about MG and C. We've given them a long list of instructions, including:

No talking.
No singing along.
No yelling "There's Lucy!!!"
No dancing.
No asking questions.
No saying, "But in the movie it's different..."

I'm sure we forgot something.


Rob Monroe said...

How did they do? Abby has been to two plays in the last couple of weeks and done amazingly well, especially considering the one last Friday started at 7 and went to 9:30. Hell, I was ready to curl up and sleep by the end of that one!

Amy Austin said...

The girls did great! I have them signed up for theater day camp this summer, so now they're super excited about that.

Matinees are our friends! I didn't have service at the high school, so this posted late, even though the show started at 3 pm.