Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It's blurry because they're all moving REALLY fast.
  • Too tired for actual post, you get bullet points.
  • The Children's Museum is RIDICULOUS during spring break.
  • We had a blast.
  • I'm exhausted.
  • Business trips suck.  Especially in the morning when I have to get everyone up, dressed, and fed by myself.
  • There's not enough coffee!
  • And it was garbage day.  
  • The dog ate 347 toys today.
  • I have a stiff neck and it hurts to look to the right.  I've had two glasses of wine.  How bad of an idea is it to take the muscle relaxers (that the doc prescribed for this problem) before bed?
  • I'll probably just have another cookie.
  • Pizza and cookies is a well-rounded diet.
  • The house I went to look at today sold yesterday, but the selling realtor didn't bother to tell my realtor, so we all just stood outside and talked houses.
  • Karen laughed really hard when we were talking about the expensive house down the street and I said, "Why couldn't I have been born rich instead of good looking?"  
  • We probably won't move for at least a year.
  • Moving scares me.
  • I got all the things that were on my to-do list done today.
  • If that is not behavior deserving of one more cookie, I don't know what is!
  • Talk to you tomorrow, internet.

1 comment:

Rob Monroe said...

Pizza and cookies is at least round, if not well rounded, right? :)

Hope sleep found you and kept you for a while last night...