Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wine and Houses

Geez, another busy day!  Where does the time go?

We looked at an enormous 4000 square foot beautiful house with crazy furniture today.  There was this enormous wardrobe thing in the living room and Karen said, "I wonder what's in here?" and without missing a beat, BJ said, "Narnia!"  Hilarious.  It had a great party room in the basement and four bedrooms upstairs and a beautiful kitchen, but the yard wasn't terribly private and the laundry room left a lot to be desired (and when you do as much laundry as I do, that's important), but now we have a much better idea of what our max budget will buy in this town (dear Lord, that's a scary number).

Y'all need to start clicking the damn ads so I can afford a bigger laundry room, mmmkay?

Then we went to lunch, and we bought a really cute gift for someone that I have to wait to show you because we haven't given it yet, and we came home and the kids played and played, and then we went to Karen and Jim's and had a cook out and the kids played and played and I drank enough wine that we have to go get the other car tomorrow, and we played charades.  Charades is hilarious with 7 kids aged 6 and under.  Whenever anyone got one right, Jack clapped.

Back to the house, BJ looked at the guy's diploma, which was hanging on the wall of the family room, and it turned out that he was a grad of BJ's school with the same degree, just a couple years older than we are.  We don't know him, but when we saw a project made of PVC pipe in the basement, we knew he was a kindred spirit.  But we couldn't have more different taste in furniture...

(Confidential to Stu and Kathryn - if you ever need the throne to match the one that came with your house, we now know where to find it!)

Oh my goodness, Penny was in her crate too long today and she is completely insane.

The girls are not happy that we're in the very early stages of looking for a bigger house (we will definitely move in the next 5 years, but probably not for at least a year or two).  They don't understand that we're just moving across town.  Twerps.  I think when they see their very own toy room in the basement they'll like the idea more.

The dog won't stop licking my elbow.

If I had won the squajillion dollar jackpot, the first thing I would have done would have been to hire a personal trainer for my dog.  Someone to sit here and "dog whisper" her whenever she starts acting stupid.  Also, I would hire someone to do laundry.  In fact, if the dog whisperer could do our laundry, that would be excellent.  Hell, with that kind of cash we could hire someone to teach the dog to do the laundry.  Now THAT would be something.

What would you do with $500 squajillion?

(Sorry this post is silly, Karen kept refilling my wine glass....)

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Rob Monroe said...

Wow - I can't imagine charades with you when you're tipsy... not sure you could keep quiet long enough to not be eliminated! :)