Saturday, March 3, 2012

Safe and Sound

While some of our fellow Hoosiers are cleaning up from devastating tornadoes or planning funerals, today, we are thankful to be safe and sound, well north of where the strongest storms occurred.  We got some fairly impressive marble-sized hail, and quite a bit of thunder and lightning yesterday, but nothing was damaged at our house.

Just to punctuate the weirdness, it snowed this morning.  No accumulation, but gosh it was strange to see snow after it was 60 and storming yesterday.

We really need a basement.  It's amazing how storms that wouldn't have even phased me before kids are absolutely terrifying now.  Mary Grace and Claire were with my friend Monica yesterday during the height of the storms, on their way to a class with her son.  I picked everyone up (splitting up the driving for the win!).  Having them out there in the thick of the hail, away from me and away from home, was scary, but I knew they were in excellent hands.

Nothing going on today, other than weird snow.  BJ has some friends over.  I had a spa appointment this morning (not as relaxing as it sounds - I got some hair lasered!  LOL).  I cleaned out my kitchen freezer and cabinets today, so I'd have room to make food for my meal co-op, which I'm planning to tell you all about really soon because it's AWESOME.  We're getting pizza for dinner because it's Saturday.  BJ and I are planning on watching a movie when the kids go to bed.  I'm going to put some recipes I've gathered into the computer while he's playing with the guys.  I'm making the kids clean up the toyroom...  Yawn.

Sometimes quiet days are nice.


Rob Monroe said...

Boring days are always appreciated after days like yesterday. I was told last year that it was not the norm, but it seems to be setting a patter for us two years into living in the midwest!

Amy Austin said...

The weather is getting weirder every year, Rob. I think it has to do with climate change (formerly known as "Global Warming") more than anything.