Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Claire's Birthday - Five!

Pre-school picture - 2011
Dear Claire,

I'm not sure how it's possible that five years have passed since you were born.  I can't believe that you're going to be going to Kindergarten this year, and that you're so grown up already.  Where has the time gone?

I just went back and read your checklist from last year, and it's surprising how many things have stayed the same!  I promise that Dad and I didn't read it before filling out this year.  We copied and pasted your 3 year old list, because it came up first when I Googled.  I think that says a lot about you as a person - you're very consistent.  I'd guess that you'll still like spicy food and wrestling when you're a grown up.  You'll probably still love dresses and hate jeans (although you've lightened up on that rule quite a bit this year, and I appreciate it!).  

Something funny that I hadn't realized until re-reading those old checklists - when I was pregnant with Jack, we used to play "Ninja Baby" with one of your dolls (and that was still your favorite toy after he was born).  Now that he's getting bigger, one of his tricks is to do "Fruit Ninja," where he waves his hands around in the air like he's playing the video game.  I wonder if that started in utero?  You LOVE it when you can get him to perform, so you'll say, "Fruit ninja!" to him, or you'll say, "Jack, are you going to sleep tonight?" to try to get him to shake his head "no" and make everyone laugh.  You're such a terrific big sister.  You love your real "Ninja Baby" almost as much as you used to love the pretend one.  Maybe more!

At bedtime now, instead of playing Ninja Baby, we like to "talk to Biscuit."  I'll put on a silly low voice and pretend to be your stuffed cat, Biscuit.  I love making you laugh when we do this.  You have such a wonderful giggle.  It's gotten to be our little bedtime tradition.  

You're caught in between wanting to be a big girl like your sister and wanting to stay a baby.  You're excited to go to Kindergarten this year (I can't believe it...) but you don't want to leave your preschool behind.  It seems like you feel pulled in both directions, and that it's hard for you, sometimes, to figure out how you fit in.  I hope that this year Dad and I can help guide you to just be where you are, and to learn that you don't have to be big like Mary Grace or little like Jack - that we love you just as you are, and where you are, and when you are.  

Your favorite toy for playing is: Star Wars figurines and Peter Pan Polly Pocket-sized "guys" 

Your favorite toy for snuggling is: Biscuit

Your favorite food is: "Panda Chicken" (orange chicken from Panda Express)

Your favorite book is: Do You Do a Didgeridoo  

Your favorite activity is: Wrestle Night 

Your favorite place to go is: Chuck E. Cheese

Your best friend is: Mary Grace (and Cameron W., Juliet S., Caitrin D., Sarah P., Hudson M., Jack D.,  Sutton C., ... You have a TON of friends!)

Something new that you're doing: your drawing has really improved a lot this year, you're starting to draw recognizable things rather than scribbling!

Something you've mastered: sleeping through the night - please teach your siblings!!

Something people say about you:  Mrs. D at school told me the other day that you have prayed for Jack at preschool every single day since school started.  When he's sick you pray for him to get better.  When he's healthy you thank God for him.  I think it's wonderful that you love your little brother so much.

Something that you're saying is:  "Lovin' it!"  When I played the Adele CD for the first time, you would listen to each song for a few seconds and then say, "Lovin' it!"

Something Dad and I are proud of you for: that you love school so much and love learning.  You are always full of questions and we just love your inquisitive mind and how you soak everything up like a sponge.

Something surprising about you: You're absolutely fearless.  I don't think anyone would expect someone so young and so little to be as brave as you are.  Also, you're exceptionally good at using iPhones and iPads.  Technology seems to come very naturally to you!  I can't imagine where you get that...

Love you bunches, 

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Rob Monroe said...

Love your birthday posts - they are always so thoughtful! Happy Birthday Claire!