Thursday, March 29, 2012

Missed again!

I missed another day.  I guess resolutions were made to be broken.  Yesterday was just crazy busy.  I worked until 3 pm, instead of my usual 11:15, because my friend Erin who watches Jack for me is amazing, and her kids are on spring break (I'm watching them for her today).  Then I picked MG up from her playdate and drove the girl she was playing with over to the school for her scouts meeting, had MG's parent teacher conference, picked Claire and Jack up from Erin, went to Karen's to watch Cam for her so she could handle a work thing, came home, made dinner, played outside with the kids for a bit, put them to bed, and then planted myself on the couch to recover.


But tonight, tonight!  Tonight is Book Club (there's no book) and we're going to a wine tasting thing and then to a show and I'm just so excited!

Jack slept pretty well last night - from 8 pm until 5:30 am or so without waking up!  Please let this be a trend!

MG's conference was excellent.  She's reversing some numbers and letters when she writes, and we're going to work on that, but otherwise she's in great shape educationally.

The state funded full day kindergarten a few weeks ago - which means that we can send Claire to full day K without paying through the nose - we thought about sending MG for a whole day but decided it was just too expensive last year.  So we have another big decision about kindergarten to make.  On the one hand, she's even younger than MG was when she started, and that might be too long for her.  She had a long day yesterday and was a weepy disaster by the time we got home.  On the other hand, she might enjoy the activities and stuff, and it sure would free me up.  I just don't know.  We'll probably change our minds half a dozen times between now and August.

I really have trouble with decisions where there's no clear right answer.  When there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides, I get stuck.

Well, I ought to probably go get dressed before Erin and her kids get here!  We're going to go get MG from school and then do something fun - don't know what yet.  Depends on whether or not it warms up outside!


Michelle said...

I realize it's a different school district and it was also 5 years ago, but Blaine's kindergarten class had "rest" time in the afternoon since they were attending the full day class. They were required to rest for about 45 mins, if they slept or not was up to them. If you don't already know, it might be worth finding out of that is offered the school your girls attend.

Amy Austin said...

EXCELLENT point, Michelle. I'll look into it. Thanks!