Sunday, May 20, 2012

Great Weekend!

Yesterday we headed up to Grammaland to help Uncle Chuck and Aunt Sara kick off the community garden at the Sunset Hill Farms Park Opening Day Kickoff Extravaganza.  The kids planted tomatoes, broccoli, and carrots (watering them was the best part - any parentally sanctioned playing with water is a win in their books).  They got an Italian Ice and got their faces painted.  They played ukuleles from Front Porch Music, watched people fly kites, and held a baby goat.  The best part was that Grandpa Bob and Grandma Susan came along, so rather than 3 against 1, it was 3 on 3 man-to-man defense, which is always easier.  Aunt Mimi and Baby Kate even showed up for Baby Kate's first festival.  She did great!  And Kate did well too!

Afterwards we went to Mimi's house and played with the neighbors on their very cool swingset for a little bit.  (Megan lives on the street where we grew up, next door to the house we grew up in.  Heather, who lives on the other side, grew up in her house, too.  So it was the second generation of our families playing together, which is fun.  Although our swingsets weren't nearly as nice in the 80s).  Then Mimi kicked us out so she could take a nap, and we went to Jen's for a pizza and a visit.  Yay spontaneity!  I don't think we've hung out with Jen and Jade since before Christmas, so it was so cool to catch up.  Jade has gotten a lot taller.

BJ's taking the girls down to the Quals at the Indy 500 today to see if they like it before he takes him to the real thing.  Our girls have never been fans of loud noises, so I am pretty dubious about the whole experiment, but hopefully he has very excellent earplugs for them.  Also, the "it's cool to hang out with Daddy" factor may outweigh the loudness factor.  It could go either way.  The friend that BJ goes to the race with every year, Ryan, is bringing his oldest daughter too.  Should be a fun day!

BJ has only missed a couple of Indy 500s since he was born.  A long time ago, BC (before children) I went with him to see if I liked it.  It was hot and crowded and hot and loud and hot and uncomfortable and hot and expensive and hot.  That was the last time I went.  So Jack and I will be hanging out over at Karen's today.  It's going to be hot here, too, so the kids will be playing in the water.  I'm sunburned from yesterday (I missed the back of my neck with the sunscreen - oops) so I will be avoiding nature and drinking wine.  Or possibly beer.  It could go either way.

Next week is MG's last week of school.  How did that happen already?

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Rob Monroe said...

Hooray for the end of school, and for all of the rest! What a cool project to be a part of.