Tuesday, May 15, 2012


1) It is entirely possible that I am the worst belly dancer in the history of belly dancing.

2) I was tired, and I didn't want to go, but I went anyway and I'm glad.

3) Before the week is over I am probably going to forget to go somewhere important (there's a lot of year-end stuff going on at both schools over the next two weeks).

4) I'm still tired, which is why we're doing a numbered list.  If I had any energy at all I would do bullet points, but I don't have any energy.  Bullets imply speed and decisiveness that I just can't muster right now.

5) Almost immediately after I posted that Jack was weaned, he nursed again.  Murphy's Law of Mommyblogging - if you post about it your kids will prove you wrong ASAP.

6) Dinner was almost a total fail (this crock pot Pampered Chef recipe with potatoes - hey guess what, you can't freeze potatoes and then cook them in a crock pot, they turn to yuck), but I shredded the chicken and we made it into burritos and it was fine.

7) I'm not going to make it to 10.

8) Jack got his first hair cut today from Monica.  She did a great job.  He feels different - sort of bristly - but it looks cute.  She also cut Claire's bangs.

9) I posted this on Facebook last night, and it got a lot of likes (almost 50!) and one share, so I'm posting it here:
Whether you breastfeed them for 4 years, not at all or somewhere in between; whether you wear them in a carrier, push them in a stroller, or carry them in a bucket; whether you co-sleep or they sleep in their own room; whether you have a natural birth or an epidural or a c-section; whether you give them solids at 4 months, 6 months, or a year... just love your kids. Treat them with kindness and compassion. Do your best. You're going to screw up. You're going to lose your temper. You're going to wish you could do some things over. But as long as you love them with all your heart and they know it with all of their hearts, they'll turn out ok. Love is the only thing that matters. The rest is just details.

I should have added adopted in there with natural birth, etc. and I could add a lot, especially about feeding choices - organic vs Lunchables, maybe.  What's funny about the list is that you can assume that I'm still Judgy McJudgerton about all the things I didn't mention, but since I'm too tired to argue I'm not going to point out what those things are tonight.


Rob Monroe said...

I demand business cards that have "Judgy McJudgerson" on them!

Lists work, just so you know. My blog has not been updated since January, so I'm only like a billion posts behind you...

Amy Austin said...

Yeah, but you post here as often as I do, so it's all good - it's like a shared blog!