Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So much to do

Jeez, is there anything more hectic than the first day back after a vacation?  I worked, went to the grocery store twice and the pharmacy, paid bills, ran by my friend's to check her mail, went to Monica's for a bit, then we had a school program for Claire, thank goodness I remembered THAT early and put dinner in the crock pot at lunch time!!

Things I did not accomplish include:

* folding laundry
* putting the winter clothes back upstairs
* cleaning up dinner (we rinsed the dishes but left them by the sink because we had to leave at 6:10 to get to the program)

I got a new antibiotic because the first one didn't do much.  The taste went away but the sinuses are still cranky.  I've probably created some new strain of antibiotic resistant sinus bacteria.  Awesome.

Also, how do people live in Florida with all the bitey bugs?  My legs and feet are on fire they itch so much! YUCK!

Claire was cute and did a good job in her program.  Grandpa Bob and Grandmother Diana joined us, which made it extra special.  Claire just loves music.  Her teacher told me that they have to remind her not to sing into her imaginary microphone.  She's her mother's daughter!  (Have I ever told you about John the Close-Up Man?)

I'm going to take some Benadryl and go to bed if my pictures ever finish uploading to the computer...

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Rob Monroe said...

The day-after-vacation is a good reason to never go! :)

Welcome home, for reals.