Monday, May 3, 2010

All I know is that it's supposed to match the drapes

Tell me everything you know about carpet, Internet.  Ready?  Go.

(Inspired by Cate's comment about chemicals on FB.  Obviously there's a lot I don't know, here, so talk.)

((My back hurts and I'm fussy and this is the best I can do for a post tonight, sorry.))


RobMonroe said...

In the 70's Shag was all the rage, bot in vans and in carpet.

Sorry, that's all I got.

Jen said...

Just get what you like and quit over thinking it. Sheesh. ;)

Anonymous said...

The last time I checked, wall-to-wall carpet was toxic, padding was toxic, and the adhesive was toxic. So it was impossible to have "healthy" carpeting. It's healthiest to have a hard floor surface such as ceramic tile, marble (!) or hardwood floors. You can use cotton throw rugs that you launder in your washing machine, or else room-sized wool Oriental rugs that you clean on a regular basis. But unless you notice someone in your immediate family actually becomes sick from living with your carpeting, you aren't likely to have the incentive to live a carpet-free life.