Thursday, May 27, 2010

True Confessions, Thursday Edition

1.  I have not opened the deep freezer since I discovered, two nights ago, that it wasn't freezing anymore and defrosted it.  I'm afraid to look.  I figure if the freezer starts bleeding (from all the melting beef), I'll have to do something, but until then my strategy is avoidance.

2.  I should have written a long, heartfelt post about how much I love my husband yesterday, because it was our ninth (!) anniversary.  However, I had to be out of the house with the kids all day while the installers were laying the new (beautiful!) carpet, so I didn't have access to the 'net, except on my phone, and it's hard to write long, heartfelt posts on my phone.  So here's the short version:  "Being married to you is the best thing that ever happened to me, BJ, and I'd do it all again."

3.  I love the new carpet in a wholly inappropriate way.  No one should love any thing as much as I love this carpet.

4.  I watched the movie Motherhood, about a mommyblogger, last night (BJ was with me, but he fell asleep), and I hated it.

The portrayal of motherhood was the aggregate of every insulting stereotype about mothers - we're disorganized and forgetful and selfish and bitchy and moany.  There was no plot.  The blogging thing (which could've been interesting) was an aside...  It could easily have been cut entirely from the movie and it wouldn't have changed a thing.  And the references to 9/11 were completely awkward and inappropriate.

I told BJ to take me off of our Netflix account.  "When was the last time I picked a good movie?" I asked.  He couldn't remember.  Sad.

5.  I am so far behind on laundry (from being incredibly busy, not from being some ridiculous stereotype of inept motherhood) that I can't get dressed until the laundry is done.

6.  I finally broke down and turned on the air (before June 1!  Blasphemy!!) because it has been so hot and humid, but I only did so after finding out that Mom, Megan, and Jen had all turned theirs on first, and they all live north of here where it's cooler.


Connie said...

The Motherhood movie was so disappointing I screamed 'omg, there's an hour and a half I'll never ever get back'... hate that. Chuck hated it too. Pictures of the carpet would be totally appropriate so we can fall in love with you. Don't feel bad about turning the air on... the humidity is ridiculous. I bet the pretty girls' hair is curly and completely adorable!

RobMonroe said...

Our AC has been on and off a bunch in the last month already. I feel bad about it, but if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

mwiesjahn said...

Air conditioning is my guilty pleasure. It is currently set to 73 degrees. I don't think that's too much and it gets the humidity out.

Want to know a secret? It's in the 60's tonight and I'm leaving the air on....this is why I have to coupon....

Carmen said...

Funny, our 9th anniversary was Friday. At least your hubby doesn't complain when its on.