Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Google Earth for the iPhone, turning my kids into evil geniuses

Claire:  See, there's the earth.  And you pinch it, and it's huge.
MG:  How big is the earth?
MG:  Wow, it is huge.
Claire:  See, it's huge.
MG:  I want to squash it.
Claire:  Eeney miney moe the earth.  Mary Grace, how's that huge?
(A push notification pops up.)
Claire:  Oh, Scrabble!  ERRRT!

Ha!  Foiled again!  Grandpa Bob, you took your turn and saved the world.

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RobMonroe said...

I really want an iPod touch!! Getting smartphones next month, but don't want to switch to AT&T. My iPod sounds like it's on its last legs anyway... :o)

Love that your children are crushing and blowing up my planet!!