Saturday, May 1, 2010

Odds and Ends

I'm reading a really good book called The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which you should totally read if you have the slightest interest in medicine, history, or cancer. It's not a dry textbook-like book.  It's a story.  It sucked me right in on page 1, and I've been reading it pretty much non-stop since - even today at the mall while the kids played (they needed new jammies, so we put another $30 into the Disney franchise.  Yay).

Speaking of cancer, a very brave 29 year old girl from my hometown was just diagnosed with lymphoma and started a blog, so go show her some love.

In completely different news, you should know that it annoys the snot out of me when stuff happens that I can't blog about.  No one is allowed to say anything funny or do anything interesting in my presence anymore, unless I can blog it, ok?  And that includes me.

I need to get these kids to bed.

Lowe's is doing their $79 installation special ($39 if it's Stainmaster!) on carpet through Monday, so we're probably going to get new carpet here shortly - we have someone coming out in a couple days to measure.  I'm REALLY excited, because I've hated the carpet in my house since we looked at the house - long before we bought it.  Who knew that it would take us over 7 years to replace it??  We've always had other priorities.

Ok, I really need to get these kids to bed - Claire is starting the meltdown.

Have a good what's left of the weekend!


mwiesjahn said...

I knew Samantha in college. How did you find her blog? I'm so glad that she caught the cancer early, but still a very scary diagnosis.

Amy said...

I think she found me on Twitter, and then we realized that we were connected via Grammaland.

It's most scary, and she's so young!

Cate said...

Not that I think that everyone is as interested in reducing chemicals as I am, but new carpet has tons of crap. I think that there are options now that you can ask for that don't have as much off-gassing, if the people you buy it from are interested. And then you can also deal with it after the fact: When we moved into these new apartments after the school fire, and everything was new, I ordered this trio of carpet treatment products (the brand is safecoat) from the Ecohaus in Seattle and it supposedly bound up the chemicals in the carpet and padding and stopped the off-gassing. So I know they do mail order (the stuff just can't freeze, but that is no problem this time of year.), but maybe you can find some things more locally. I mean, if you want/care. :)