Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Claire calls me a Wobbly


Susan said...

Is this in your yard?

Amy said...

We could've gotten a dog, but that would've been so boring!!

No, it's at the local zoo - they just opened up a bunch of new exhibits and it's amazing. You'll have to come with us. The "Wallaby Walkabout" is this open area where the wallabies are running loose and the people can walk right through their habitat! Amazing! A couple of them are incubating babies in their pouches, too, but we didn't see the joeys. I'm hopeful that if we keep going back every couple weeks, there will be baby "wobb-a-lies" for us to see!

RobMonroe said...

That's really cool that you could get that close. My little sister worked at a petting zoo for a while that had a "Wobbly" and it was pretty cool.