Monday, August 29, 2011

The Fashionista

I don't know how a jeans-and-t-shirt Mamma ended up with a Fashionista daughter, but here's the evidence. Gramma Denna got the dress for her when they went back to school shopping, and MG has been dying to wear it ever since. Pink sparkly shoes. Pink sparkly backpack.

Come to think of it, I had a similar outfit in the 80s, only it was a long sweater with leggings. MG's even has poofy sleeves. This must be how our parents felt when we came home wearing bell bottoms.

Speaking of bell bottoms, what the hell is going on with the jeans at Old Navy. I tried on as many as MG, Jack, and Grandpa Bob could stand yesterday, and they all looked doofy. The bell bottom (or "flare" as they call it now) makes me look ridiculous. Do I need to try the "skinny" jeans?

The sizing is out of control. I held two pair up next to each other that were both marked the same size. One was ENORMOUS, and the other looked like it would barely cover one of my legs.

I guess I'll just stick with my old jeans and rotate through various t-shirts. No one sees me when the kids are around, anyway. They're generally blinded by the sparkly shoes.


DORI said...

I hear ya with the old navy jeans, I actually had to switch to skinny jeans, they make you look longer and leaner. Sizes are way off, one pair fits fine, even a bit loose while another of the same size I can barley button. I hate it because i hate trying clothes on! But definetely give the skinny jeans a try, I've tried last year and haven't worn anything since.

RobMonroe said...

I love those sparkly shoes! I have a similar pair for Abby to wear in about a year. Anny rolled her eyes at me when I bought them, so that makes them even cuter!

The only jeans I will wear are Old Navy. I'm not a girl, so I don't have as many issues with clothing! :(

Anonymous said...

She looks Soooo grown up!!


Erin said...

first, your daughter could be headed to a business meeting in that outfit! it is adorable!!!!

also, yeah, old navy sizes - what the heck? i tried on a bunch, found a pair i liked and then added a second pair - the same style, same size in a darker color - to my purchase. came home and after wearing the ones i tried on for a day, they were literally falling off and the darker jeans will not button!!!